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A new beginning for co-living. For the wandering souls longing for connection.
For the aesthetic enthusiasts longing for modest luxury. For modern nomads longing for their own private sanctuary.

Fonder is a brand new
community living residency in Wilrijk, just outside Antwerp.

We offer the luxury of a private loft and the warmth of a community. We bring the best of both worlds with serene private studios that are fully furnished and a luxurious shared kitchen, living space, garden & laundry room.

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community residency

a concept by
Jackie Bohème

Jackie Bohème is a multi-disciplinary and ever-evolving real estate and hospitality agency that encourages connection and mindful living. Staying true to their modest luxury vision, the collective realized previous real estate concepts such as L'Appartement Jackie, Maison Jackie and île luxury rental lofts.

a concept by Jackie Bohème

peaceful sanctuary


We believe in the power of freedom and flexibility. We aim to turn co-living into co-loving. For those longing for a little bit of me-time, your studio is the perfect hideaway after a busy day. For those longing for connection, we enable a diverse community of likeminded singles from all around the world who take care of each other create meaningful connections. Whether you’re a happy single, recently divorced, lost your partner or if you work abroad as a modern nomad, we’ll make sure you feel right at home.

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